Martin Luther King, Jr. High School

Dekalb County Schools

Virtual Learning Options for 2021-2022

Lion Family-

All students will be scheduled for in-person instruction beginning August 2021 to eliminate the need for concurrent learning; however, the District will offer families the opportunity to opt out of in-person learning to participate in virtual learning options. The virtual learning options allow students to learn from virtual teachers through FLEX Academy, Georgia Virtual School, or designated virtual teachers throughout the school district. 

Parents should consider the following before making a decision for each child:

  • If you choose for your child to opt out of in-person learning, the decision is a semester-long commitment because of staffing and scheduling. There will be an opportunity in November 2021to change your child’s learning option to in-person learning for second semester. 
  • Virtual learning is not optimal for every student. Some students did not adjust well academically, socially, or emotionally in the virtual learning environment. Parents should consider how their child engaged and performed in the virtual learning environment before making a decision for the 2021-2022 school year. 
  • Middle and high school students may take courses through FLEX Academy, Georgia Virtual School, or a designated FLEX teacher at their local schools or throughout the school district. Note: Students may be taught by teachers from other schools. 
  • Elementary school students will participate in school-based virtual learning courses offered by designated teachers at their schools and throughout the school district. 
  • Virtual course offerings may be more limited than those available for students attending school in-person. For example, International Baccalaureate, Montessori, Dual Language Immersion, Scientific Tools and Techniques (STT), Advanced Studies, some Advanced Placement, some world language courses, and some performance-based courses will not be offered virtually. 
  • If a family chooses virtual learning, the students must fully engage in synchronous (live direct instruction led by a teacher) and asynchronous (online without real-time teacher-led instruction) learning. Daily attendance will be monitored. 

 Only families choosing to opt out of in-person learning for their students must complete the online declaration available in Infinite Campus (parent portal). The deadline to submit the opt-out form is July 2, 2021, by11:59 p.m. 


 To establish a parent portal account in Infinite Campus, select the following link: 

If you need assistance with creating a  parent portal account in Infinite Campus, please contact Ms. Mitchell at 678-874-5402 or Mrs. Alexander at 678-874-5406. If you have an Infinite Campus account and need a password reset please email Mrs. Blakley at [email protected]