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2024 PAC Elections

Martin Luther King, Jr. High School

Dekalb County Schools

Covid Updates

Greetings King High School Family, 

Parents, if you are registered for face-to-face learning, please ensure that your child is present at school. For a student who is not able to attend class next week due to a positive COVID Test or Close-Contact, please ensure that you are communicating with your teachers. 

Please ensure that all students understand the importance of mask-wearing at school. It is mandatory to always wear your face masks. We will continue to communicate the correct way to wear a mask. By properly wearing masks and following mitigation strategies, our students can receive the instruction they need to learn, thrive, and reach their fullest potential.  
Parents, if your child has COVID Symptoms, we are depending on you to keep them home and have them tested. Please continue to visit the COVID Health and safety website for the very latest information about COVID-19 testing and vaccinations that are being provided to the DCSD community. You can also visit the CDC’s website for K-12 quarantine information and K-12 daily life coping.   

We want to thank each one of you for your dedication, flexibility, and commitment to King High School.  


Mr. Alexander


The local school does not complete contact tracing. DCSD has a letter that will be used to communicate information about exposures or actual cases to the stakeholders of impacted schools. See the specific reporting protocol below.

Case Report Received by Building Leader/Division Head   
Parents and guardians please notify the school principal immediately if your child is exposed or contracts COVID-19. 
Case Report is submitted to DCSD COVID-19 Health Team 
DeKalb Board of Health Notified by DCSD Lead Nurse, per Infectious Disease Protocol 
General Guidance Provided (Exposure/Positive Case) 
Individual contacted by the DeKalb Board of Health 

Contact Tracing conducted, as needed, by the DeKalb Board of Health 
tine Guidance Issued by Board of Health